Our key objectives:

  • To promote and maintain community spirit and cooperative assistance among the residents of Shaughnessy; 
  • To promote and preserve the legal rights of property owners in Shaughnessy;
  • To promote and preserve the architectural and landscape character of  Shaughnessy; 
  • To promote and preserve the single family streetscape.  
Happening in our Neighbourhood - Latest Reports & Information

Interim Procedure to be continued - letter to City Planning Department

It was with some surprise and much dismay that we learned City Council determined that the lP should remain in place.

It is our position that no government should have the right to compel an owner to continue to live  in an unhealthy home and certainly no penalty should apply when an owner chooses to improve his living preferences by rebuilding a new character house. Read the complete letter here

83 Rental Units Proposed at Granville and 32nd

There is a proposal to rezone two properties at 32 and Granville (4750 Granville and 1494 W 32 Ave) to allow the development of a three and a half story condominium with 83 homes on the site (replacing 2 single family homes).  Stuart Howard Architects and Domus Homes are holding a Pre-Application Open House on Friday, Sept. 6th from 5-7pm at Shaughnessy United Church, 1550 W 33rd Ave.  See the developer's flyer here.
Letter from SHPOA to City planning department:
Re: Rezoning Application Granville & W 32 Ave, Vancouver
We strongly oppose the proposed rezoning of two properties at 32nd & Granville. We understand that this rezoning would result in a 4 storey, 81 unit development...  read more

BC Speculation Tax - some analysis and links

This new type of tax invented by the NDP is another misnomer. It seems to have very little to do with speculation as the NDP has admitted that 99% of British Columbians will be unaffected.
You may read Shaughnessy resident and SHPOA director Robert Angus's  full article here.

School Tax Hike on Residential Properties Assessed at Over $3 million

The government's recent announcement regarding tax hikes on properties worth over $3 million is causing outrage. We have posted a letter from The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association to Carole James, Minister of Finance, describing the impact this tax will have on worsening housing affordability. You may read the letter here.

The Urban Development Institute has also written to Carole James and Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, to express their concern.  You may read their letter here.

March 28th 2018
SHPOA's Board of Directors has sent the following letter to Premier Horgan. You may read the letter here.
April 15th 2018
As a result of David Eby cancelling and then re-instating the "town hall" meeting, one of our members has written an in-depth letter to Mr. Eby that discusses many problems with the tax. You may read the letter here
May 12th 2018
Saturday's Vancouver Sun published letters on the topic. You may read them here.
May 25th 2018
The Vancouver Sun published an excellent opinion piece by a Point Grey resident. You may read it here.

Here is the link to the petition opposing the new provincial surtax on property.  Please sign it and send the link to your neighbours and friends anywhere in B.C. who you think may be concerned:  https://www.change.org/p/b-c-voters-and-members-of-legislative-assembly-say-no-to-new-provincial-surtax-on-property-拒绝省政府新施的物业附加税  

We want to hear from SHPOA members. Please visit our shaughnessy voices page to read what our members have to say.

Rezoning Application for Arbutus Shopping Centre Development

The City of Vancouver has received a rezoning application for 2133 Nanton Avenue, to amend the existing CD-1(642) Comprehensive Development District. Visit http://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/2133nantonavenue/index.htm to view the details and provide feedback through the online form.

The proposal is to increase residential density and to increase the maximum allowable building heights on the Western portion of the site (Blocks C + D), increasing the height from 8 storeys to 12 storeys, and to increase the number of social housing units and increase the size of the Neighbourhood House.   The increase in building height may well affect the views of Shaughnessy residents on hills above the Greenway.  

Wake Up Vancouver is a group of concerned citizens who send out news articles on civic topics in Vancouver. If you are interested, the best way to sign up is to visit:  https://www.endthewaste2018.com/matrix/ with password Stopvision2018.

Letters to Mayor & Councillors Requesting That Interim Procedure Be Rescinded

August 16th 2018 Letter describing the impact the Interim Procedure is having. 
July 18th 2017 SHPOA letter protesting the procedures. Click here to read the July 18th letter to the City. 
Here is the original news release from Raymond Louie and here is the link to the video of Fairchild TV and Sing Tao newspaper reporters interviewing Heather Deal after the March 7th council meeting  https://youtu.be/RXOevDqCJeA.
Here is the letter we circulated to members on Sunday.

City Proposal to Remove Benefits of RS-5 Zoning

The Interim Procedure of the Heritage or Character Buildings Review limits the FSR of new homes replacing pre-1940 homes in 2nd Shaughnessy, contrary to provisions of RS-5 zoning. The SHPOA Board has sent the following letter to the Mayor and Councillors. Read the letter.

Character Home Zoning Review

The City of Vancouver is conducting the Character Home Zoning Review to look at options for the retention of heritage and character homes in single-family (RS) zoning districts. The SHPOA Board circulated an information sheet detailing our reservations about the process. Details here (English) or Details here (Chinese) The Board sent a letter to the Mayor and Councillors on behalf of SHPOA. Read the letter.

The BC Supreme Court has upheld the Heritage Conservation Area bylaws passed by the City.  You may read the full decision 
here.  If this decision stands, we believe it is likely that 2nd and 3rd Shaughnessy face the risk of similar regulations, limiting property rights, being imposed upon them in the near future.